TRIBÙ - 四季頂級渡假酒店邁阿密海灘衝浪俱樂部


A legend reinvents itself


在邁阿密海灘的背景下,建築師Richard Meier和室內設計師Joseph Dirand將1930年代傳奇的衝浪俱樂部帶入了一個新時代。


Against the backdrop of Miami Beach, architect Richard Meier and interior designer Joseph Dirandhave brought the legendary Surf Club from the 1930s into a new era.


Photo: Christian Horan, TRIBÙ



四季頂級渡假酒店邁阿密海灘衝浪俱樂部(The Four Seasons Miami Beach at The Surf Club)不僅復興了往日的風光,還為佛羅里達國際大都會的海灘提供了渡假豪宅的放鬆選擇。與此同時,這個地方本身也絲毫沒有失去昔日的浮華和魅力。

The Four Seasons Miami Beach at The Surf Club has not only revived old times – the hotel also offers a relaxed alternative to the fancy luxury homes on the beach in Florida’s cosmopolitan metropolis. At the same time, the place itself has lost nothing of the glitz and glamor of days gone by.

輪胎大亨Harvey Firestone和朋友於一個冬天的下午,乘坐Marybelle遊艇航行經過邁阿密海灘不久後,俱樂部就在1930年的除夕盛大慶祝開幕了。他和他的朋友們一致同意,這裡將為他們的俱樂部提供一個完美的背景,一個私密的地點,一個儘管美國禁酒令禁止飲酒,他們還是可以經常去的地方。建築師Russell T. Pancoast在大西洋沿岸超過36,000平方公尺的土地上建造了衝浪俱樂部。在接下來的幾年中,這裡的客人包括Frank Sinatra,Elizabeth Taylor和Winston Churchill,人們蜂擁而至,不僅慶祝陽光和海灘,而且還舉辦諸如初登舞會,時裝秀和黑領帶拳擊晚宴等活動。現在,四季頂級渡假酒店(Four Seasons hotel chain)正在撰寫俱樂部歷史的下一篇章。


The club opened its doors in a grand celebration on New Year’s Eve 1930, not long after tire magnate Harvey Firestone had cruised past the aforementioned spot on the beach one winter’s afternoon while aboard his yacht Marybelle with friends. It would form the perfect backdrop for their club, he and his friends agreed – a private place, which they could frequent in spite of the alcohol ban imposed by the American prohibition law. The architect Russell T. Pancoast built The Surf Club on the more than 36,000-square-meter plot by the Atlantic. Its guests over the following years included Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill, as people flocked here to celebrate not only the sun and the beach, but also events like debutant balls, fashion shows and black-tie boxing dinners. Now the next chapter in the club’s history is being written by the Four Seasons hotel chain.

Historical aerial view
Photo: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts



衝浪俱樂部目前在歷史區域內總共包括77間海濱小屋,以及Richard Meier設計可俯瞰海濱小屋的新建築客房。還有30間高級住宅套房。在花園的泳池和棕櫚樹之間,可以欣賞到壯麗的海景,而這種場景的整體體現在花園家具的選擇上。在這裡,客人可以躺在比利時戶外家具品牌TRIBÙ訂製的躺椅上放鬆身心。“我們選擇每個人都可以做到最好的方式,並督促他們提供最好的東西給我們”,現在擁有衝浪俱樂部的Fort Partners創辦人Nadim Ashi解釋。“我們不放棄任何高於卓越的事情。我們相信,如果創造出獨特的東西,它將經久不衰。”


The Surf Club currently comprises a total of 77 cabana-studios in the historical section, as well as guest rooms in a new building overlooking them, which was designed by Richard Meier. There are also 30 exclusive residential suites. Amid the pools and palms in the garden, a magnificent view of the sea opens up, and the overall class of this scenario is reflected in the choice of garden furniture. Here, guests can relax on bespoke loungers by Belgian outdoor furniture manufacturerTRIBÙ. “We have selected the best of what everyone can do and we have pushed them to give us their best,” explains Nadim Ashi, founder of Fort Partners, which now owns The Surf Club. “We haven’t let go of anything less than excellence. We believe that if you create something unique it will last.”


巴黎室內設計師Joseph Dirand為了重新設計公共區域和酒店客房而被邀請。他從TRIBÙ著手,為三個游泳池,海灘和位於修復後的舞廳與俱樂部會所涼廊中的Le Sirenuse餐廳露台選擇家具。“我們沒有創建衝浪俱樂部,但我們承諾確保所做的一切具有完整性,文化和品質的核心。它需要充滿活力和被喜愛。”Nadim Ashi說。俱樂部的兩側緊挨一個較大的住宅區,這同樣也是由紐約建築公司Richard Meier&Partners所設計。酒店周圍環繞著兩棟十二層樓高的建築物,每棟建築物的容積不同,但具有相同特徵的透明外觀,並享有大西洋和邁阿密市中心的獨特景緻。Richard Meier親自安排了部分室內和各種裝飾。

For the redesign of the public areas and the hotel rooms, Parisian interior designer Joseph Dirand was brought on board. He turned to TRIBÙ for the furniture around the three pools, the beach, and the terrace of the Le Sirenuse restaurant, which is located in the restored dance hall and the loggia of the clubhouse. “We have not created the Surf Club, but we have a commitment to ensure that what we are doing has integrity, culture and quality at its heart. It needs to be alive and loved,” says Nadim Ashi. The club is adjoined directly on both sides by a larger residential complex, which was likewise designed by New York architecture firm Richard Meier & Partners. Two twelve-story buildings, each with differing cubic content yet with the same characteristic transparent façade, surround the hotel and offer unique views of the Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami. Richard Meier arranged parts of the interior and various finishes personally.




By the pool, guests can relax on bespoke loungers by Belgian outdoor furniture manufacturer TRIBÙ.

Photo: Christian Horan, TRIBÙ


與此同時,四季頂級渡假酒店的“The Marybelle”頂層豪華套房按照Joseph Dirand的計劃完工了,露台上配置TRIBÙ由Merckx & Maes所設計“Illum”系列的桌子和扶手椅,以及Studio Segers 重新設計的“Mirthe”沙發系列。在設計方面,Dirand堅持極簡主義。 最引人注目的是“ Mirthe”沙發被包裹在鋁架內的超深坐墊。與TRIBÙ合作開發的躺椅也遵照這些理念。表面使用白色,不受天氣影響的材料與木材相結合是他選擇的調性 – 在這裡,高出海平面。這位法國設計師解釋說:“在邁阿密,我所使用的顏色就是眼前的顏色:棕櫚樹,海灘,水和天空。”這是有道理的。畢竟,正是這個原因在約90年前賦予這個地方神奇的誘惑力。

“The Marybelle” penthouse in the Four Seasons Hotel, meanwhile, was finished according to plans by Joseph Dirand, while the terrace was furnished with tables and armchairs from TRIBÙ’s “Illum” collection by Merckx & Maes and the “Mirthe” sofa series from the drawing board of Studio Segers. In design terms, Dirand sticks to minimalism. Most striking are the extra-deep cushions of the “Mirthe” sofas, encased in a body of varnished aluminum. Loungers were developed alongside these in cooperation with TRIBÙ. White surfaces and white, weather-resistant coverings in combination with wood are his tonality of choice – here, high above the sea. “In Miami, the colors I’m using are those in front of my eyes: the palm trees, the beach, the color of the water, the sky,” explains the French designer. It makes sense. After all, it was precisely this that gave this place its magical allure almost 90 years ago. (mh)


Richard Meier設計的衝浪俱樂部,新的酒店建築(左)和兩個新建的住宅區之一(右)
The Surf Club with new hotel building (left) and one of the two newly created residential complexes (right) by Richard Meier

Photo: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts


“The Marybelle”頂層豪華套房

"The Marybelle" penthouse

Photo: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts




Photo: Christian Horan, TRIBÙ